A girl's quest.


Sarah Jean
22 December
Welcome to my weightloss/fitness journal. I am a 5'2", 28 year old female, residing in San Francisco.

This journal is mostly inactive these days... but feel free to poke around.

Now, my stats:
Start weight: 180 pounds (March 2003)
High weight: ~200 pounds (circa 1995-99)
Low weight: ~120 pounds
Weight at the start of this journal: 170 pounds (May 8, 2003)
Current weight: between 120 and 125 pounds (Jan 2006)
Short term Goal: no current goals
Long term Goal: no current goals

Jeans size at the start of this journal: 16 or 14
Current size: 4 or 6

Start BMI: 32.9
Current BMI: 22.2
Goal BMI: 19.9

"Eating should be like peeing. You don't obsess about when to pee and when not to pee. When you have to pee, you pee! When you have to eat, you eat." -- melancholyfolly